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“It is hard to imagine more compelling 

television...Critical Condition brings

new vitality to medical TV”

—  The Independent on Critical Condition

I’m an award winning self-shooting Producer/Director experienced in making premium retrospective, observational and current affairs films, including fast turnaround.


I developed and directed 2 series of the Broadcast Award nominated Critical Condition for Channel 5 and produced the Grierson Award winning Bodysnatchers of New York for Channel 4.


Secrets of the Krays was nominated for Best Streaming Documentary at the AIBs and Fred and Rose West: The Search for the Victims was described as an "excellent, paced, wise" documentary series by The Observer.


I directed 3 episodes of I Am a Stalker which spent two weeks in the Netflix Top 10 Most Watched in the US, during which time it was the streamer's #1 documentary crime series. It was nominated for Outstanding Episodic Series at the True Crime Awards.

My latest project is two episodes of the HBO Max / TNT sports documentary anthology Rich and Shameless.

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