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Producer | 1x60' | Channel 5

Aidan Smith has an extremely rare condition that is characterised by lumps and growths covering a large proportion of his body, and also has brain damage and epilepsy. This documentary follows Aidan's progress as his parents Vikki and Karl learn that their son has Cloves syndrome, a genetic disorder with fewer than 130 cases diagnosed worldwide to date, and prepare for the possibility of a major five-hour operation to remove a mass of tissue in his face. They travel to America to meet a specialist, as well as other children with the condition.

I secured access to the family in the face of stiff competition from multiple production companies. The family said that my approach struck the right tone and sensitive approach. After developing the story, I moved on to work as producer on the commission, shooting with the PD in Newcastle, London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, Addenbrooke's hospital and Boston Children's hospital in the US. As well as the central family, I also organised and produced a shoot with 3 further American families, each of which have a child with the same rare syndrome known as Cloves.

“Painfully raw documentary”
Sunday Times

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